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    Dr. Yu. uses the Damon Bracket system. The Damon System can reduce treatment time, Frequency of adjustments, and greatly reduces level of discomfort as well as provide us with multiple treatment options. This new revolutionary system  obsoletes the traditional methods of orthodontics and thanks to the Damon innovations Headgear is rarely needed and helps us to avoid Permanent tooth  extraction. This system utilizes self ligating brackets and  technologically advanced wires and is a clinically proven method to align teeth and enhance your facial esthetics.

    Now it is possible for teens and adults to align their teeth without having to wear braces. Dr. Yu.  is a certified invisalign provider. If you qualify, through the use of a series of clear aligners one can straighten their teeth without the use of Brackets or wires. Each aligner will be worn for two weeks only removing them to eat, brush and floss. As you replace each aligner with the next  your teeth will move gradually week by week. This process will continue until final alignment is reached designed by Dr. Yu.

Free Orthodontic Consultation

    Your new, beautiful smile begins with a free consultation. At the first visit your bite and alignment will be evaluated by Dr. Yu. at no cost. If no treatment is needed at that time you will be placed on a complimentary observation by Dr. Yu in order to monitor the dentition and growth of your teeth. However; If treatment is necessary, you will be asked to come back for a second visit so Dr. Yu. and her staff can gather all of the necessary orthodontic records so that Dr. Yu can comprehensively study them to allow her to formulate a treatment plan which will be presented to you before the commencement of any formal treatment. 


Financing Options

    The Cost of treatment depends on the needs of the individual's treatment. Sometimes Insurance Companies will offer a lifetime allowance for orthodontic treatment, we will research your insurance benefits to ensure that you receive the maximum amount. We also offer a family discount. 

OPTION A: A cash payment in full to receive a 7% discount.

OPTION B: An initial down payment with monthly payments extended over a period of time.

OPTION C: Chase health advance. With this finance option you can avoid a down payment and they also offer a "No Interest Payment Plan." This can be used as a revolving line of credit that can be used repeatedly for other family members.



    We realize that Afternoon and evening appointments are preferred; however we are unable to book all our patients at this time. In order to maintain an efficient schedule Dr. Yu prefers to schedule lengthy procedures in the morning.


HOURS:   Mondays- Closed

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